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Basket Boutique Co-Chairs, Barbie Bailey & Kathie Porteous

Some of you might wonder where FKQG finds all the wonderful “goodies” that fill the baskets for our
quilt show’s Basket Boutique. While some of the items may be donated from businesses, and a few
things are purchased, the majority of items come from generous FKQG members like you! In
past years, cottage groups and even individual members have sponsored a basket and provided all of
its contents, but baskets are also be created from like-themed items donated by a variety of FKQG

For the 2025 Quilt Show, we will be displaying a maximum of 25 baskets. Each basket will be
attractively wrapped and have a specific theme. We will have a donation box available at each FKQG
meeting so that you can drop off your basket boutique items. If you wish to be recognized in the
FKQG newsletter for your donation to the Basket Boutique, please include your name somewhere
with (but not permanently on) your item. We ask that you make sure that your donated items be in
new or near-new condition with no obvious signs of use or wear.
If you, or your cottage group wish to sponsor a full basket, that would be greatly appreciated! Just
give one of us an email or phone call to let us know the theme of your basket so that we can include
you in our targeted plan. Please turn your basket contents in no later than the FKQG January 2025
meeting; however, earlier is always welcome!

Our contact information is on the FKQG website. You also can speak with us at one of the monthly
meetings if you should have any questions. Thanks in advance!

Friendship Knot Quilt Guild. FKQG is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer Florida corporation.

Friendship Knot Quilt Guild. FKQG is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer, Florida corporation.